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Even the best coaches occasionally (if not always) need someone else to tell them what to do. We tend to prioritize business and our own students far above us. I love to put together programming for myself, I’m even better at making excuses not to do it! I do utilize the Grease the Groove method (I’ll talk about this in a future entry) quite often, but I’m also guilty of practicing my favorite movements, and not my “goats” or weaknesses.. Funny how since I’ve minimized my workout prep to “sign up for class, show up for class, do work” and trusted someone else to do the thinking, that I’m feeling better! I’m sure running up and down the stairs with boxes for a few days moving helped too!

When you program for several classes a week, programming for yourself can be no fun!

When you program for several classes a week, programming for yourself can be no fun!

Never be ashamed or devalue paying someone else to tell you what to do when it comes to working out, as long as it makes sense and you feel good afterward, it may be just what you need so you can focus on everything else life throws at you, even if it’s running your own fitness classes*!


*I’ve often struggled with attending other fitness classes (Yoga, CrossFit, Pole Fitness) because I feel conflicted that it might represent “false advertising” when it comes to my results and overal fitness as an instructor for my method of choice (kettlebell..clearly) . I’ve realized though that many of my students also have “Fitness ADD”.  It’s why I do class cards and packs for my gym, and I think that diversifying fitness and keeping it fun is key! Pole classes have slowly taken over my flexibility needs instead of Yoga, and I’m thrilled to have a branch of the Pole Fitness gym I love down here in Providence as well! (More on that in a future entry too!)  


Hi All! Now that I’ve had a chance to talk to my current clients, I’m publicly announcing that the Studio is up for rent, and we have relocated to the RI area. This was a big decision, but the right one at the moment for our mutual goals as a family. Currently the plan is not to open a studio here in RI, but I will be maintaining some personal clients in partner gyms, and keep up the web site with articles and other news once I am settled in. We moved just this past Wednesday and there’s of course much to be done!

There is no current stop date at the studio as we’re waiting for a new renter to step forward, so I will be maintaining Tuesday/Thursday classes, as well as some Saturday classes (every other week or so). I will be keeping the mindbody schedule up to date for availability, and let you all know when the actual end date has been set!


Thank you for 2 amazing years at 862 Broadway, it’s been wonderful, and we’re not done yet!


Much Love,



This last weekend I had the privilege of  attending the Underground Strength Coach Certification at the Underground Strength Gym in Manasquan, NJ.  Aside from just having a fantastic time, learning tons about programming, movements, and marketing, and meeting great people, there was, of course, a group picture.

Underground Strength Cert


A good buddy of mine made the observation that whenever he seems me in a group shot like this, there’s a bunch of serious Bad Mother F*ckers…and me, beaming.  I thought about this a bit, and I realized that aside from the fact that you’ll rarely find me not smiling, I just get so excited when I get to go somewhere and just spend my time learning, focusing on how I can help my clients even more, and learning from others. There’s just nothing better for me. I simply love learning. How could I not be smiling ear to ear??


What leaves you beaming?

I want to start of this post by wishing you all a great Memorial Day Weekend. I know it’s not the best weather we’ve ever had out there, but I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones, grill up some chow, and take a moment in remembrance of why we get this lovely three day weekend that seems to officially kick off summer..


So many thanks to our troops, past and present… 



On to our announcement…



I’m incredibly excited to announce something I’ve been working on for a while now, The Busy Gal’s Workout Workshop, on July 19th! This one day workshop will not only include sections on learning different kettlebell and bodyweight movements, but mental exercises to help you put together your own workouts when you have minimal time for you! This workshop came into place while talking with other female entrepreneurs and friends about how little time they have, how much they want to prioritize their health, and what they could do about it. I’ll be talking in the future about why I decided to focus on the Gal’s for this workshop, along with some examples of what we’ll be doing!

I’ll be limiting this workshop to 10 ladies, so sign up now!




And finally our weekend reading!

We’ve got a great interview this week with an RKC and PCC grad, Matt Begansky. Matt is a personal trainer in the DC area, and has incorporated both kettlebells, and bodyweight movements into his own, and his clients training with fantastic results. Read more about Matt Here.

Matt Begansky - The House of Fitness




I hope you all have a happy and safe weekend, and we’ll see you in class soon!


22% off all reduced carb protein bars through this Sunday, this is my FAVORITE bar type they sell, and trust me, you can’t even tell that they are low carb! Sweetened with dates and coconut palm sugar to just the right amount, I keep a few of these in the fridge at work for busy days when lunch is just not possible. Check out the sale and stock up! I even here there are a few new low carb flavors, including Chocolate Orange Cream and Lemon Meringue Pie!!!



SO of course, let me start out with Saturday reading!

An Interview with Fredrik Högström, Senior RKC and PCC Instructor

A great story how Fredrik went from a computer science degree, to coaching, when he realized it was what he really wanted to do!

This weekend, I was invited down to Reebok to see the Spartan Race course being set up, and chat with the head of the Spartan Race program, Joe DeSena. As all conversations between people who are involved with fitness often do, this one led to us all heading down to the Reebok gym to get a workout, where I found some great tools to have a workout before we got lunch.

I found some sledgehammers and what seemed to be a Thor’s hammer.

Smashy Things

And I found some kettlebells of reasonable size:

big bells

And not shown, I also found some assisted dip and pullup machines, as well as a nice 20# medicine/slamball!

So, while Joe was doing his 350 Burpees, along with pullups and swings, I did my own workout:

Warm up and Mobility


Practice Dips and Chin Ups with the assist machine


Play around swinging the sledgehammer and Thor’s Hammer much like the first demo in this lovely review by Adrienne Harvey

Then I did 5 Rounds of: 

5 20kg snatches, right and left

10 20# medicine ball slams

10 single/power swings with the 32kg

I finished up with more work on dips and chins.


Great workout after coaching this morning, Have an awesome weekend, and let me know if you had a fun workout you enjoyed as well!

A year later and I’m still, so clearly, a different person after the Marathon Bombings. I’m a first responder because I couldn’t run away, I have PTSD. I’m quicker to cry and faster to anger, my emotions run closer to the surface at all times.

And today, on this anniversary of an act of hate, I love you all so much. I couldn’t have made it through this last year without the support of my husband Brian, my friends, especially Denise who was there with me, my coach (and friend) Adrienne, my kettlebell practice, my wonderful clients, and some good old fashioned therapy along the way as well. Our world is a strange place these days, and as I sit home and quietly reflect on everything that happened last year the one thing I am is grateful. I was there. I helped. I made a difference to some scared, scared people and in doing so, faced my own fear. I made a difference, and I’ll never forget that.

My husband tells me I remind him of this quote.

My husband tells me I remind him of this quote.

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